Contract Information

It is a binding agreement with as a user. By using the Internet site at (“Site”) or any service provided in connection with the Site (“Service”), you agree to comply with the Terms of Service, as may be modified by the following. Games from time to time at your own discretion. It is your responsibility to periodically review these Terms of Service, and if at any time you find these Terms of Service unacceptable, you must immediately leave the Site and stop all use of the Service and the Site. By using the Service, you agree that you are at least 18 years of age and legally able to enter this agreement.

Topic 1: was launched on November 11, 2019. It is an online gaming site where you can earn high amounts of real money by playing games. expressly declares that the content provided to inform its members is not intended to encourage and direct them, and that any natural or legal person providing access to the site is deemed to have accepted the terms of use. by paying a fee to take advantage of the active services offered on the site. It is clearly stated that the members of this agreement will not be charged for membership. Furthermore, the present agreement states that there will be no fees for members (for membership) and that money or property acquisition, money, property acquisition and other persons are not included in the system (pyramid system selection chain). ). was declared open. These systems are prohibited by THKK.

2. Membership System and Member Obligations:

Members may never use more than one account (multiple game accounts). All game accounts of the member will be closed by Members can only log in to 1 game account from 1 device. It is forbidden to enter multiple game accounts from 1 device. When this is detected, all game accounts are closed by the system. If there is a win in the game account, it is reset. All negative behaviors, comments, insults, legal and financial responsibilities and actions defined in the Turkish Penal Code belong to the members. accepts no responsibility for such transactions or transactions. The member cannot share the information he / she uses to log on to the site. has the necessary hardware structure for the storage and confidentiality of member information. Members are fully responsible for the security of their membership information. is not responsible for lost or stolen membership information. Political party race, religion, sectarian propaganda, use of slang words, advertising, sending spam are strictly forbidden. Members who do not enter the game for more than 15 days are permanently closed.

3. Authorizations of the Website and the Obligations of the User:

If the site management finds that the work specified by the site management member is in breach of any clause in this agreement, the site management has the right to terminate the membership. The right of the member to cancel his / her membership is at the discretion of if the information about the member is used by another person. The Site reserves the right to test whether the membership is being used by another person, including checking IP information and other registered information. Each user who subscribes to the site is committed to providing accurate information and to informing the site of any changes that may occur in this information. The Site cannot be held responsible for the accuracy or inaccuracy of the information of its members. Site management is not responsible for lost or changed membership information. The Site may store personal information permitted by law and may share non-personal data with third parties if required. The Site does not share the personal information of the members unless a discovery trip is made to the Member or unless the information is specified anonymously, unless expressly stated in the User Agreement or similar documents. The Site is committed to protecting the interests of its members while sharing this information. The site management has the right to share the requested member information under any legal or administrative process without any conditions. The site cannot be held responsible for technical problems and failures, and no legal action can be taken. In case of any deduction or payment problem arising from the payments made by the site and made according to advertising revenue, the site member cannot be held responsible or legal action will not be taken. The Member is solely responsible for all correspondence and transactions on the site as a legal or legal entity. The Member agrees in advance to register these correspondence and transactions on the site. In the event of any dispute, it shall be deemed that there is clear and exclusive evidence that these records held by the Site are valid and binding, that they comply with the procedure and waive all objections and dismissals. is not a bank or financial institution. It expressly declares that these organizations do not carry out the activities on display. does not promise that we will give gifts to everyone. Gifts are distributed to the first 3 people each month. Players who act against What are Game Rule Violations on the Help page cannot claim any rights. is a virtual Shepherd Dog feeding game, so there is no obligation to be subject to organizations such as BRSA or CMB. There is no similarity to the game at or a bank (no interest-based program) with financial institutions or public companies controlled by these institutions.

4. Legal Responsibility of Members:

The Member acknowledges that the services provided at may not be able to enter unauthorized and modify the software at any time except under the conditions set forth by and that you agree to compensate in advance. For damages that may arise if you do not follow these rules, without the permission of, agree not to publish, distribute, or otherwise disclose to other users who are offensive or threatening, illegal, unintentional, offensive, or otherwise uncomfortable I not allowed to advertise those services does not sell any goods or services, will not bid for this purpose, the Republic of Turkey laws and contrary to international agreements, immoral, racist, sending threatening messages., site and services provided in the copyright of these software and can not be reproduced in any way accepts and undertakes.

5. Authorizations:

In accordance with the provisions of this agreement, has the unconditional and unconditional rights of the contracting authority. may temporarily or permanently stop the operation of the site. can make arrangements. The customer shall not be liable for any damages that may occur by the customer or third parties due to the temporary or complete suspension of the system.

6. Validity of Records:

In case of disputes arising from this agreement, the records of both parties and microfilm, microfiche and computer records shall constitute definite and exclusive evidence in accordance with the Civil Law no. data.

7. Confidentiality:

The Company undertakes that during the term of the contract and for any reason, the contractor shall not provide any information, password or code to third parties or organizations for any reason related to within two years of the termination of the contract. . If the information is found by third parties or organizations, the customer will immediately cancel it and the customer will be able to compensate for damages incurred by

8. Taxation:

All transactions made through members are taxed according to the applicable tax legislation in Turkey. Any future amendments to the Tax Code will automatically apply under this agreement. All responsibilities of the member regarding the registration process shall be under his / her responsibility in accordance with the Tax Law.

9. Applicable Provisions:

In case of any dispute that may arise in connection with this agreement, the provisions of these agreements shall apply primarily and the provisions of the Turkish Law (Turkish Commercial Code and Turkish Commercial Code) shall apply to the provisions not included in this contract.

10. Competent Courts and Enforcement Offices:

businesses in the Republic of Turkey, the Court is authorized to contract and all disputes arising due to the Executive Office.

11. Payments: does not pay in any way. He gives the Winning Players the gifts he has designated. reserves the right not to distribute gifts in the event of an advertising problem or other circumstances.

12. Forced:

The Membership Agreement enters into force continuously between the parties by completing the member registration form completely and registering at Last Update Time: November 11, 2019